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Pictures of Broken LCD Screens Recycled in November

November is coming to an end, we are glad that Great Strong has made a few achievement in this month. According to our statistics, the number of used mobile phone parts we rec...

Packing Screens Well with Least Time

Hi friend, thanks for your time to read this passage. Hope you can learn something from here. As you know, broken screens are easily go further damaged, so it’s important to pack them well with bubb...

Tips to Recognize the Differences Between Original and Copy Screens

Many customers always ask one question when they sell their broken screens to Great Strong: how to tell the differences between “original Apple screens” and “ high cop...

Welcome to website: www.recyclebrokenlcd.com

About usGreat Strong Electronics Limited focuses on recycling used smartphone parts, including cracked LCD screens, used motherboards, iCloud locked iPhones/iPads, second-hand Samsung smartphones...


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