The process of dealing with us

We will hold the price one week  after the package was sent out.

1.Pack the  items well. 
     -- How to package the screens click HERE.  
2.Request the pre-paid shipping label.  
    We pay 100% shipping for sending over 100 pcs  LCD( more than 50% of them are Working Screens). 
    If you do not meet quantity requirement, you may request a shipping label anyways and shipping cost
    will be deducted from your total payout. 
   (Pswe pay 50% shipping for sending less than 100 pcs but over 50 pcs.( more than 50% of them are Working Screens))

The professional test team of us will test the  items one by one once we receive the package(s).
   Then test report and test results will be offered , which include  test pictures or videos.

4.The test results will be sent to  our clients and we will answer the questions if they have .
5.The payment will  be deposited in 1-2 days via Bank Transfer,PayPal,Western Union .

Some pictures of us


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