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How To Sell Cracked LCDs

How does the business work?

1.       Please contact us what you need to know.

2.       Request a free shipping label ( Need 100pcs working LCD),or send by your own.

3.       Pack your LCDs well and send them to my company ASAP.

          (Send to the HK address By DHL, TNT. Tracking information is needed.)

4.       Once our team received your PACKAGE, we will test all the items carefully ASAP. 

          The testing process will take up to 1-2 working days. After test we will send you a 

          Tested Report and you can confirm the order at user center.

5.       We will pay you within 24 hours right after receiving your confirmation of agreed testing report and recycle price.

What is the payment method?

We can pay by Western Union, PayPal, bank Transfer.

Western Union:

Please make sure your first name and last name, city and Country.


Please be sure your PayPal address is the same with your deliver address,

The PayPal account name is the same with your receiver name.

Bank Transfer:

Account Number

Account Name

Bank Name

Bank Address

Bank Code/Swift Code


Contact UsTime£º9:00-24:00

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